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System Design Tool - JUDE/Professional
UML Modeling Tool - JUDE/Community
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Free UML Modeling Tool,
JUDE/Community is now Astah Community!

End Of Life and support for JUDE/Professional
Technical support and download of JUDE/Professional was discontinued on April 30th, 2012.
Please use new edition, Astah Professional which supports UML, Entity Relationship Diagram, Flowchart, Requirement Diagram(SysML), CRUD, Mind Map® and Data Flow Diagram. It enables to mutually convert models!

As UML becomes more widespread, UML modeling tools are becoming "feature fat" and slow. Experience tells us, users want a "Light" user-friendly tool, which is built on the concept of "usable from the moment it's installed". We have created such a tool in order to make your modeling experience fast and easy.
JUDE/Professional is the product edition with all the features of JUDE/Community, plus additional enhancements such as [Reference Project Management] feature to enable collaboration among project team members and more.
JUDE/Professional has enriched features, such as ERD, Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram, CRUD and Mind Map. It is suitable for business use, large-sized models, and document creation. It provides the ability to merge JUDE projects, use case descriptions, guidance for class diagram creation, input-output of models from/to XML files, copy and paste functions in vector(EMF) format.
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JUDE/Community is now astah* community! (Free download)
(There are some functional differences from JUDE/Community)

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