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Mind Map for Software Deveopment "JUDE Mind Map and Office tools"
Here are some examples of how you can use Mind Maps created with JUDE.
  • Take quick notes of customer requirements with Mind Map, and create a UseCase Diagram from the Mind Map
  • Brainstorm using Mind Map and create a conceptual Class Diagram
  • Summarize many UML Diagrams for a system into a big picture using Mind Map
  • Describe an objectivity/artifact map on a Mind Map according to the development process
  • Create Hyperlinks to UML Diagrams on a Mind Map and record the history of and the reasons for modifications.
* Mind Map is a registered trademark of the Buzan Organisation Ltd.

Examples of Mind Maps created with JUDE

Describe your customer's requirements easily and quickly with Mind Maps and use them to create UseCase Diagrams.
Brainstorm with Mind Maps and create conceptual Class Diagrams.
Mindmap with UseCase Diagram Mind Map with Class Diagram

(Example3) "Trip Plan"
Trip Plan!

(Example4) Artifact Map
Trip Plan!

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